VIDEO: Man Tracks Down The Guys Who Jumped Him and Beats Them One by One Like John Wick


The victim was outnumbered and he did not stand a chance against his opponents combine strength. So he did the next best thing he went on serial revenge attacks like the movie John Wick or The Crow and the victim scored sweet brutal revenge on each of them.

You can probably imagine this guy before going after his attackers he was at home and the gym practicing and working with some hours of shadow boxing, fists plunging into buckets of sand and investigating the locations and hang out spots of his attackers before he pounced on them for a serious ass kicking and beat down.

There’s no Eye Of The Tiger however that does not stop him from teaching these bullies a lesson that jumping is for cowards, let settle things in a fair and clean hand to hand one on one.

The video shows him tracking down two of the guys who jumped him at first and he brought along a few of his friends to record the beatings as it goes down. In a brave move, he even goes to one of the guys home you can hear people asking him to stop, but he informs the onlookers that the guys he is beating had jumped him previously.

It’ll be interesting to if these bullies learn their lesson or if they will launch reprisals attacks. One thing is clear from this video this young man knows how to hold a grudge but we don’t recommend this kind of fighting for the mere fact that when a fighter engages with high emotion he can make serious mistakes when fighting. It takes a calm and level head to approach your opponents.

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