VIDEO: Man Tracks Down The Guys Who Jumped Him and Beats Them One by One Like John Wick


There is a saying that the best way to beat a bully is to stand up to them but what if there are a group of bullies what do you do then. Well, the answer is simple together they stand but divided they fall. This is exactly what happens in this featured video below.

There is no honor in jumping a guy on the street even though some people commented that a street fight does not have the same rules as an MMA UFC fight and in street combat, anything goes. Well, there may be some truth to that but 5 against 1 is totally unfair by any measure. Click here to watch the brutal attack in the video on the next page

Well, this guy used his head he figured he could not beat all five guys while they were together as that had proved stupid for him the first time around. Therefore he did the best thing he found out where each guy lived or worked and hunted them down one by one and confront them with a beating.

From the video you can see just like most bullies each of these guys when they don’t have a crew with them they are weak and revenge is sweet.

These five bullies who put a savage beating on the guy in today’s video should have known that when they cowardly decided to jump in on this guy and brutally attack him for fun, just getting a piece of the action as so to speak. Click here to watch the attack in the video on the next page

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