How strong and muscular can women get without steroids?


This is a serious and hotly debated issue in woman MMA. Women in the sport has long said they are equal to their male counter parts. But how far does this equality go does it go as far as endurance and skill as we have seen many women in the sport has shown they are equally skilled and can endure as long as a man or in some instances longer.

But in terms of physical strength how muscular can a woman get without using steroids. we like to discuss this concern in a serious and objective manner about this controversial subject that is often the “bone of contention” as so speak when talking about strong women, often by insecure guys who basically claim that every single woman who is even remotely muscular and lift more than 100 lbs must necessary be on steroids.

Personally I am completely ignorant about weightlifting, strength training, PEDs etc….since I have never went to the gym on a professional level, therefore I can’t have an informed opinion on the matter and I have no idea what the truth is as such we welcome your feedback and input on this feel free to let your thoughts be be known.
That’s why we are asking guys who are competent and knowledgeable about the subject to share their opinion.

For example, it’s possible for a natural woman to become like this?

Take a look at these women in action

Take a look at this muscular lady below

woman at beach in yellow swim suit shows off her muscular body

And we left the best one for last in our opinion

Woman flex biceps

Or even this

Bare in mind here the issue is not if those particular women are on PEDs etc but rather if you believe it’s potentially possible for natural women to reach a similar physique or if it’s outright impossible.
And if it’s possible, what percentage of women do you believe have such potential?

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