Justin Gaethje the Toughest Opponent for Khabib Nurmagomedov


Justin Gaethje will need at least one more victory to get a shot at the UFC Lightweight World Championship. It is being talked about that he could fight against Conor McGregor. But right now nothing has materialized about his next rival.

However, he is already thinking about Khabib Nurmadomedov. In fact, speaking with MMA Fighting commented this:

“I think my fighting skills, my ability to defend myself from the takedowns, would be very beneficial for me. And I have a lot of confidence in my standing fight. I trust my coach and the game plan we will do. I believe that with my athletic ability I am a tough opponent for any of the fighters. It would be the toughest opponent for him.”

It is not really clear if this fight will be held at some point. But if both fighters succeed in their next confrontations, it could happen. Right now everyone must focus on another rival. Who will they fight against?

Justin has said so far UFC has not talked to him about where he is to go and what he has planned for himself but Justin is focused on his next opponent right now

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