Video: Real Life Incredible Hulk Survives Tasers And Takes on 5 Police Officers In Broad Daylight


In MMA fighting we have seen many types of fighters with different strength from heavyweight to lightweight guys. However, as many of you knows strength is not much about size but really about endurance. In this featured, the video proves exactly that point. (You can see the video below)

This man is tackled by five police officers trying to arrest him in the streets. However, he believes he is innocent and should not be detained and starts to fight for what he considers as his rights.

This fight between the officers and the suspect looks like something straight out of the Terminator movie. This incident occurred in Raleigh, North Carolina where five officers were caught on video trying to tackle this man to the ground.

In their desperate effort to take down this man, the 5 Cops used tasers, billy clubs and other weapons on him but this real-life hulk seems to take all of it and is still coming and starts to puts some blows of his own on the officers

The suspect was able to withstand the taser shots and strikes from clubs but that was not all, he was then still after all that able to deliver damage to the officers of his own.

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