VIDEO: Guy Get Brutally Knockout and Is Snoring Before Hitting The Ground


In combat sports, fans delight in seeing a clean knock out. There is something spectacular about seeing an opponent get to knock out especially in MMA sports. In fighting, there are many ways an opponent can get knockout within the octagon and over the years we have seen some really great ones. Many people think that a good knockout can only occur between professional fighters but this is not the case as the video below demonstrates.

Savage Knockout

This takedown occurred in an epic manner, the guy in the white shirt is knocked out before even hits the ground. As demonstrated many times a knockout can occur because of the impact of the opponent head hitting the ground or canvas but rarely the knockout is the total result of the punch. However, in this case, you can see the knockout is entirely from the punch as this guy falls asleep while still standing before he hits the ground.

These two young men decide to settle their dispute the old fashion man-to-man one on one fight. You can notice though the guy in the white is a bit outside his weight class but in amateur fighting that does not feature so much. See video below the guy is knockout before he even hits the ground.

The man in the white shirt has some good footwork and lands some decent body punches on his bareback opponent but they don’t seem to make much of an impact on his more muscular foe, who takes the punches and then charges again. It at that point that the two get close contact.

Close contact can be fatal move in combat fighting the best move is to hit and move especially when your opponent is bigger in size than you which was the case with these two guys. Regardless the guy in the white shirt made this mistake and you can see him take the right hook full on and instantly gets knock out, from viewing the video you can see he is knock out before even hitting the ground.

Cheap Shot

The guys after knocking him out seems so engaged over the argument that these two had that he hits him full in the face while he is already knocked out on the ground and snoring.

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