Muay Thai

VIDEO: Watch Incredible Muay Thai Fight of The Year, Everyone Been Talking About

Muay Thai

Favela Kombat 31 was held a few days ago and continues to attract attention the fights that were: Celso “Mano de Piedra” vs. Savio “The Giant” Vinicius. This fight was promoted and continues to qualify as a “David against Goliath”. When you watch the video you see it did indeed lived up to it name.

The two met for 25 minutes in which they gave everything they could and finally “David” was the winner by unanimous decision. It is worth mentioning that “Goliath” was making his debut. 

See highlights of the fight on the first video then the full fight below it for blow by blow action of the takedown of “Jack and the Beanstalk”


Full Fight:

Seriously this guy is not ready for fighting he did make his debut but you can clearly see that is green. Futher who ever organized this fight should have not paired him up against a veteran fighter. Anyway, this fight has gone viral but whoever organized this fight really needs a talking to. Let us know What are your thoughts on it?

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