Video: Cocky Teen Gets Knocked Out With Roundhouse Kick


You can clearly distinguish who’s the more cocky boy. The blonde teen wearing Adidas track pants seems to have so much confidence in his fighting skills. (see video below)


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Taunting His Opponent 

He was smiling naughtily, taunting his thicker opponent to hype up the crowd around them. The gang, on the other hand, has improvised a man-made ring, Snatch-style as the fight kicks off.

The teen in red shorts has thrown down a fist first. Most of his strikes missed while his rival has successfully raised his defence and landed a powerful slap.

This sent the crowd cheering loud for the cocky boy. Despite this, the guy in red shorts landed a nice leg kick and several well-placed right hands. The two of them break up after that and the final round starts.

Although he got dominated pretty handily after the kick, the blonde teen is still as cocky as ever. He keeps taunting his opponent, Nick Diaz-style.

The problem is, the skill he has can’t even reach the tip of Diaz’s. When the action resumed, the blonde teen seems to be unaware of his foe’s potential.

In the heat of the game, the teen in red threw a spinning roundhouse kick out of nowhere that sent his opponent to the ground. Loud cheers dominated the place, and clearly, it’s game over for the cocky dude.

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