Video: Cocky Teen Gets Knocked Out With Roundhouse Kick


That Cocky Classmate

Highschool surely has a lot memorable times in all our lives. They range from pranks, funy moments of silliness, kicking back with the girls or guy and yeah who can forget those … epic street fights.

In the featured video below we see a physical altercation between these two high schoolboys while the team eggs on. We can bet you have similar memories of such moments in your high school days. However, this one is a lot more exciting.

Recalling in your mind how sometimes how petty things these fight can start over from both guys dating the same girl, someone has the latest gedget, who went into my locker and the list goes on. We are not sure what was the motive behind this one. However, whatever it was these two guys thought it matter enough to settle it with a fighting match. Click Here To Watch Video

Who knows what really happened on this one, what we want you to have is the idea of a high school fight.

It is clear from the video that these two teenagers had agreed to settle their differences with a bare knock fight. As you see them in the video before the fight with fist clenched as they prepare for combat. Click Here To Watch Video On Next Page

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