Muay Thai Four Devastating Flying Elbow Combinations


Muay Thai is a respected combat art. When practice effectively can bring about entire body and mind balance. The art has its history in native Thailand. It has grown and spreed across the globe from as far as Australia to the UK.

Like every sport, it must be practiced corectly by fighter and Muay Thai enthusiast in order to avoid injury and achieve the benefits of this excellent and powerful combat art.

4 Flying Elbow Combinations

WATCH: 4 Devastating Flying Elbow Combinations For Muay Thai!

Posted by Evolve Vacation on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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This demonstrate the power of the Elbow in combination with other parts of the body such as knee and feet.

Muay Thai is not only good for the body but it also a power exercise of mental discipline. Those who practice this style of fighting continue to see benefits within their lives and also are confident in their self-defense skills.

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