Video: Bully Beating Up a Blind Kid Gets Knocked Out By A Hero


Someday the blind kid will learn to harness his blind superpowers like sonar and being able to smell danger, but until then it’s good to see that other people have got his back.


We’re not sure what kind of shithead would take cheap shots on a blind guy, but if the guy who protected him gets in any trouble you can bet that we’ll be right there to raise hell. Hopefully, this isn’t one of those soft schools with a ridiculous “zero tolerance” policy where you get expelled for standing up to a bully.

Check out the video below this guy a total jerk.

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To play devil’s advocate, we don’t know what lead up to this or if the blind kid was starting shit, but it doesn’t matter because when one guy is blind, it’s never going to be a fair fight and he clearly didn’t want to fight the guy. The kid was just being a bully, and he got what he deserved.

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