Tony Ferguson wife requests restraining order after strange incidents


Dana White may not have been clear when he told fans that Tony Ferguson is going through personal problems. That would explain why the former interim champion has not been seen in any action in UFC 229.

Yesterday afternoon, MMA Junkie reported that El Cucuy’s wife, Cristina Ferguson, placed a restraining order against the athlete.

According to MMA Junkie’s investigation, the court’s intervention comes after a series of strange and disturbing incidents resulting in police visits to the Ferguson house, which began in January 2018, and three within the last month.

These reportedly include Ferguson destroying objects, talking about a computer chip that he claims to have on one leg, throwing holy water at his wife and believing that “someone was inside his walls”. Things seem to have reached a critical point last Friday when he apparently took his son out of his parents’ house, where his wife was visiting and took him back to his home. After the visit, he changed the locks on the doors.

In the police reports, Ferguson’s wife states that she was not afraid for the safety of her son and that he had not been violent towards her or anyone else, but that his outbursts seemed to be getting worse and he refused to see a doctor.

After what happened, the Orange County Superior Court scheduled an investigation of the case for March 22 and a domestic violence hearing for April 5. Is Ferguson totally lost it and suffering from some mental issue at this stage we don’t know but what we do know is that these incidents have merited police intervention and seem to be getting worse. Hopefully, El Cucuy can get some medical attention soon and return back to the octagon.

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