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Video – Shaolin Fighter Brutally Knocks-Out Muay Thai Fighter

Muay Thai

Both Muay Thai and Kung Ku are well-established combat art disciplines each having their own disadvantages and advantages. Some fans of combat sport prefer one over the next. For instance, some fans prefer to follow Muay Thai while others decide that Kung Fu is more suited to the style of fighting this would prefer to practice.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as the saying goes to each his own. However, there have been arguments that Muay Thai is better than Kung Ku and vice versa. Today this argument still continues. Recently we saw Buakaw vs Shaolin Monk some would think this would have ended the debate and settle the score but it did not In the first fight Burshaw won by Knockout, however when the two fighter rematch the Shaolin monk won by TKO. There was controversy surrounding this decision.

Recently we reported that Buakaw and the Shaolin monk are due to face each other again later this year in a bare-knuckle fight where the rules are the winner must knockout his opponent anything less than a knockout will be a draw. In the video below these two fighters put this controversy between Muay Thai and Kung Fu to settle the score once and for all.

We all love to see a spectacular one-punch knockout and this video surely lives up to that. He knocks down the Muay Thai fighter it a powerful right hook. Does this knock out finally proves that Kung Fu is superior to Muay

MAS present MAS Fight will be holding a press conference for this monumental fight at Pathumwan Princess Hotel in Bangkok on the coming Monday, 11 March at 1:30pm. More details will be announced at the media event.

Posted by Martialism square – MAS. on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thai? We don’t think so both combat sports are unique in their own right.

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