Buakaw Will Fight Shaolin Monk In “Knockout Only” Fight


It was called their first battle “The fight of the Century “. Buakaw defeated the man who described himself as a “Shaolin Monk ” by a decision. The two were in the back game after a year, and Wuxi Long won by decision. The second battle was controversial, where many people thought that Buakaw had won the fight. Now the pair is set to fight for the third time but the stakes have been raised.

Buakaw and Sholin Monk

A triple battle will be held around MAS Fight, a Chinese show that contains a unique set of rules. They use 5 ounces gloves, and there’s only one round that lasts nine minutes, and the only way to win is to knock out your opponent. Punches, kicks, elbows, and knees are all legal blows. There are no judges if no one ends the fighting with a knockout then the match is considered a draw.

Mass Fight Poster

This will be the first time the Buakaw has fought under this set of rules while Yi Long competed in this type of combat competition before. He scored a knockout on the fighter Hong-man Choi under the MAS Fight rules last November.

See the promo video of the event below.
All the details of the event are not disclosed, but a press conference was held on March 11 to give further details. It would be surprising to spin the battle anywhere other than China.

Buakaw will enter the battle on a 9 win streak. I’ve been upset by Gunay Resko on the Enfusion promotions and since then only fought for this promotion, All-Star Fight. Among these nine wins are victories against Victor Nagbi and Niklas Larsen. Easily, he is the most popular fighter in Thai boxing and Kickboxer of all time and has expanded his brand significantly since he left the Por Pramuk gym. It would be very interesting to see how aggressive they will fight knowing that the only way to win is KO. Buakaw has been criticized for coasting during the battles he has won.

MAS present MAS Fight will be holding a press conference for this monumental fight at Pathumwan Princess Hotel in Bangkok on the coming Monday, 11 March at 1:30pm. More details will be announced at the media event.

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Yi Long is the most popular fighter in China. He has been criticized by many for being a gimmick because he is not a real Shaolin monk but has been branded as one for marketing purposes. No matter what you think of his character, you cannot deny that the man is a fighter. He has entered the ring with some of the best in the world. Sometimes he sometimes owns what he lost, but he’s always been involved in the fight. Before his last fight against Choi, he retreated from the losses incurred by Sayok and Staccicai, both of which were by KO.

This battle will be huge!
MAS Fight is definitely a unique battle. It is a more tame version of Burmese Bare-knuckle Boxing where you can win only KO, even though the headbutts is legal. In MAS Fight Headbutts is not legal, as well as in Burmese Bare-knuckle Boxing, do not wear gloves as the name indicates. It is also known as Lethwei.

MAS Fight has a series of events lined up around Asia in the coming months leading up to the epic showdown between Buakaw and Yi Long. Mr. Tony Chen has revealed that the organizers in Bangkok, Shanghai and Hong Kong are now contesting to be the host country for the October 8 event.

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