VIDEO: Conor McGregor Fights in Amateur Boxing


There are a lot of things you can praise and criticize about Conor McGregor and his recent actions, but you must give the Irish credit to where it comes from. He is very loyal to roots and his closest friends, as his first fitness room.

McGregor first venture into fighting was during his teenage years when he began training at the Croelin Boxing Club in Dublin. Traditionally the status of the working class providence of the city, the gym is established for a long time and helped keep many young people out of trouble in a difficult environment.

The Notorious” one took part in his first wrestling game–very well–ever since the Lloyd was fighting when he had taken on an amateur on the night of a battle at Crumlin’s Boxing club. Check the clip below.

You can see from a clip over the difference between a professional elite amateur fighter. MacGregor is full of swagger and dancing in the arena before they even start to fight. As soon as the bell rings, he moves forward and almost cut the poor young man against him.

McGregor shifted fluid, at some point even putting his hands behind his back which became one of his trademark symbols. His young rival is swaying wildly towards him, and “slander” easily smoothes on his fists. You can bet that even if he took some beating it would be a great memory for the young man right in front of the former two champion UFC in front of his friends and family.

Crumlin Boxing Club is one of the most regarded in Ireland and has the luxurious names as a women’s boxing sensation Katie Taylor, Philip Sutcliffe Jr, Anthony Yigit, even actor Daniel Day Lewis to go through her sacred doors.

Amateur boxing has long been considered one of the most important Olympic sports in Ireland. It culminated in London Games when Taylor won gold, John Joe Neuvin won the silver medal, and Michael Kunlan and Faidit Barnes won the bronze medal. All those warriors have since become professional with varying success.

Despite their modest origin, boxers Crumlin learn to be a winning mentality. You can see footage of McGregor hit the pads with one of the club’s trainers. By the way, the guy who took this clip-Aaron Dempsey-beat the Pauli Malignaggi on points in the amateur boxing game like a teenager. A rival is deep in this part of the world.

It is certainly a distraction from the endless cycle of the lingering legal problems of MacGregor. While he had completed the terms of his attack in Brooklyn on a bus, he was still getting paid for an alleged sexual assault hanging on him and the stupid phone incident. I hope he will return to the Octagon very soon but with McGregor, you never know.

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