Watch New Video Surfaces Confirm That Mayweather Jr. Gave Away The Early Rounds to Conor McGregor


It has just past the one-year anniversary of the most profitable fight in boxing history and as you would have it Conor McGregor was part of the spectacle along with boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr and his money team. Who would have thought that a boxing match with a newbie would be one of the biggest fights in history? Being an actor or should we say more of showman and Mayweather in it for just the money they seem to conspire to ensure the entire thing was a spectacle.

It seems the whole entire things was made for the movies with a press conference that stopped at four different locations and a world premiere tour before the event where the two fighters traded insults at each other. Then cumulated in the documentaries that preceded the fight this was sure to build up the hype that the promoters wanted. When the two, at last, met in the ring almost all those who asserted that Conor would not last ten rounds and he would be knocked out was proven wrong. We hope you did not bet any money on it.

The many naive MMA fans who thought that Conor McGregor’s experience in MMA striking and other combat sports would allow him some advantage over Mayweather was proven wrong. After all, Conor was in Mayweather truf it was a boxing match and not an MMA match after all. But on the other side, there were many boxing experts and commentator that expected Conor McGregor to be knocked out early even those were proven wrong too. What we saw was McGregor landing a few punches in the early rounds of the fight and it seems like he even stood a chance at winning. Now new video emerges that proves it was all just a setup, these guys had plan it so by design.

McGregor has shown in the past he prefers to make quick work of his opponents even with his loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 he had appeared to have some issues with his cardio. In a recently released episode of “The Epilogue” a depth review of the fight, you can see and hear Floyd’s corner telling him that Conor will tire out and to let him do so. Therefore Mayweather’s team wanted him to let Conor work out himself in the early stages of the fight before Mayweather would apply the pressure on Conor in the later stages which Mayweather executed perfectly to secure a knockout against an exhausted McGregor in round 10.

New Footage PROVES That Floyd Mayweather GAVE UP The Early Rounds vs. Conor McGregor

Posted by Wing Chun News on Monday, September 4, 2017

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