UFC Averts Free Agent Crisis By Re-Signing Two Big Names


The last month has been a really tough time for the UFC. Strife in the promotion has been making Dana White look the fool. Talk about fighter pay is worse than ever. The Reebok deal is still absolutely terrible. Worst of all, big name fighters were poised to leave the UFC en masse.

By "history" they mean "lots of mistakes".

By “history” they mean “lots of mistakes”.

Ben Henderson is now a part of Bellator, and could be their welterweight champion come summertime. Two other big-name, top-10 fighters (and a former Strikeforce champion) were also seeking new contracts as well and that added a great deal of suspense to the UFC’s February. While it seemed like the UFC may have had a crisis on its hands, they successfully defused the situation by re-signing two of the potential departures.

Bendo's going to be making that sweet, sweet Bellator money.

Bendo’s going to be making that sweet, sweet Bellator money. This photo, and all the other nice ones, courtesy of

So who did they re-sign? And what are the details of their deals? Find out on the next page!

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