The Man’s Guide to Winning a Fight Against a Girl


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3. Being aware of appearances

woman punch

In hand-to-hand combat with a woman, you’ve got to be very careful. No matter who started it, even if she just comes up and starts swinging on you, you can’t really put your arms up the way you would to block your face in boxing, because then it looks like you’re about to hit her, even if you have no such intentions. If there are witnesses that see you standing there in a fighting pose, you’ve already lost.

The golden rule to winning a fight with a woman is, again, not fighting her… which also means not even LOOKING like you’re in a fight with her. You have to get that foot work on point and you’ve got to duck and weave away, you can’t stand in the pocket with your hands up because it will look like you’re fighting, and if it looks like you’re fighting, you might as well be, in the eyes of a witness.

Now obviously, you don’t want to get clipped on the jaw and knocked out, either. This leaves you with several options to deescalate the situation even once it’s gotten physical.

4. Defensive and evasive maneuvers

Remember, as soon as it so much as looks like you’re in a fight and not just being assaulted, all bets are off and you’ve lost. You have to deny those lizard survival instincts and instead think more like a turtle. If she doesn’t have any martial arts training, you can basically turtle up and let her punch herself out after a few swings and then flee the situation. You can keep one arm extended in front of you in order to keep distance, but use an open hand so it doesn’t look like you’re making a fist.

Carlos Condit demonstrates a teep kick against Nick Diaz.

Carlos Condit demonstrates a teep kick against Nick Diaz.

Another great way to keep distance, that is a risky move to try if there are witnesses who didn’t clearly see her initiating the fight, is the muay thai style teep kick. Basically you use your leg to push her back to create more distance and more of a chance for escape. You can’t just turn your back to someone who’s swinging at your head without first creating some distance. The back of your head is very soft, your spine is right there, it’s just all-around dangerous.

Remember, you’re trying to:

  • Avoid taking damage, including brain damage.
  • Avoid dealing damage.
  • Avoid ending up in prison.

Blocking and parrying are your friends when you’re in a situation where you’re being attacked by a woman. Remember, don’t make a fist. Keep your hands open. Don’t go for intimidation because you’ll never be able to win that one in the eye’s of a witness. They’ll tell the police or the judge that you were fighting with a woman and then you lose. You can’t fake a swing, you can’t step to her hoping she’ll flinch and back off, you are NOT in the driver’s seat here. It’s just like when grandpa falls asleep at the wheel and you’ve got to safely pull the car over to the side of the road with minimal damage.

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