Medical Student Uses Jiu-Jitsu Move To Break Cadaver’s Arm


Being a doctor might not help you reach a higher BJJ belt, but knowing a few submissions can help you with medical school. Take this med student, for example, who used a kimura on a corpse.


A user on the UG named BrutalMedic was tasked with dissecting an entire human body to study it. On this particular day, they were chopping away at the cadaver’s delts in order to reach the shoulder joint. The students were instructed to dislocate the arm in order to see what’s in there.


Other students are struggling, trying to yank at the arm to pull it loose but it’s not working. This is where BrutalMedia (fitting name) walks up to the corpse and says…

“Let me try something.”

So he steps in, sinks a modified kumura and the arm pops right out in true “tap or snap” fashion. He probably felt like Frank Mir when Mir broke Big Nog’s arm.


Have you signed your driver’s license to donate your body to science after you die? You should. You might even get kimura’d by a med student, guillotined by a brain surgeon, KO’d by a dentist, or heel-hooked by a podiatrist.

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