The Man’s Guide to Winning a Fight Against a Girl


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Why write this article? Because of videos like this:

The only real way to win a fight against a woman is to avoid it in the first place, but you won’t always have that luxury.

Maybe you have a very “passionate” lover who’s known to lose her cool. Maybe you’ve been in this situation before, or maybe  you’re just arming yourself with the knowledge of how to handle it when the day inevitably arrives.

1. Don’t let it escalate in the first place

woman hitting man

The preventative approach. If you can stop the situation from evolving into a fight in the first place, you’ve already won. In the above video, we see this guy trying to avoid a conflict but he’s still laughing initially which further provokes her and he warns her several times about him getting angry. This shows that he knows he has the capacity for violence, yet he doesn’t take himself out of the situation. Granted, she is following him and starts trying to hit him, but that’s more of a gesture than a threat.

She’s already seeing red while he still has his cool, so his mistake was letting things get to a point where he lost it and flipped her over. It definitely ended the conflict by letting her know that he’s serious and he’s not going to accept being hit by anybody, but now there’s a video of him suplexing her. There are better looking ways to handle the situation.

2. Assess the threat


If the situation has crossed the line and you’re being attacked, assess the situation and the risk. Does she have a weapon that could cause you serious harm? A gun, a knife, a broken bottle? If she’s unarmed, and doesn’t have any martial arts training, a few wild punches aren’t going to do much unless she hits you right on the button. If she has a weapon and you have the opportunity you disarm her, you’ve got to do that to protect your own life. When your life is in danger, survival is number 1.

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