Self Defense Is Now Illegal In The UK


Forget about standing your ground, if you live in the UK and you’re about to get attacked, raped, murdered… your only recourse is to turn and run away. First they banned a bunch of sex acts from adult films which is no fun at all, now they’re literally forcing people to become victims. What’s next?


If you try to defend yourself in the UK, you are just as guilty as the criminal you’re defending yourself against. The worldwide epidemic of pussification has found it’s way overseas, where criminals are being empowered while innocent and honest people are being neutered of the basic human right of protecting themselves against other humans.


There’s a website called ASKTHE.POLICE.CO.UK where citizens can have their questions regarding what’s legal and what’s illegal answered by the police. After 588 questions asking if they’d like donuts and calling them pigs, somebody actually managed to raise a great point:

Question 589: Are there any legal self-defence products that I can buy?

Answer: The only fully legal self-defence product … is a rape alarm.


They went on to basically say that until a particular product is brought in front of the courts, they won’t say it’s legal, and that by carrying any kind of item for self-defence you’re putting yourself at risk of being charged. The police tried to clarify things a bit on the next page, but it’ll still leave you scratching your head and feeling enraged.

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