Thai Criminals Are Released Early If They Participate In Kick Boxing Matches Against Foreigners


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You’ve heard of getting time off for good behaviour, but in Thailand you can get a reduced sentence in jail for the noble act of beating up foreigners in prison fights. In case you needed another reminder that Thais are some of the hardest people on earth, here it is.


Needless to say, if you’re a foreigner in Thailand then behave yourself. They have a very low tolerance for bullshit to begin with, so once you say something dumb and end up getting arrested not only are you in a Thai prison, but you might have to duke it out against somebody that’s been striking since before they could walk.


The Thailand correctional department puts on a charity event aptly titled “Prison Fight” in which prisoners get cash, equipment, and something much more important – their freedom. If they win the fight, they get a meeting with the warden to discuss the possibility of an early release.


If they win a lot of fights, their likelihood of getting out early increases drastically. What better place is there for the most skillfully violent criminals than back on the streets? 


Mr. Pak, the co-founder of Prison Fight, describes it as a way to bring honor and fame to Thailand.

These fighters are in for things like drugs, robbery, murder, and sex crimes. Some of them are in there for upwards of 50 years… unless they can beat up enough foreigners, that is, then their crimes can be overlooked. That’s how you know these folks are SERIOUS about their Muay Thai kick boxing.


Learn about the origins of these Thai prison fights and see some actual videos of these events coming up on the next page.

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