Russian UFC Fighter’s Dad Made Him Fight a Bear When He Was Only 9 Years Old


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Shortly after a video of a child wrestling a bear went viral, it was revealed that the kid in the video was actually UFC contender Khabib Nurmagomedov. It makes sense if you’ve ever seen Khabib fight, he’s an incredible wrestler and ridiculously tough. The kind of toughness that you only get if you grew up fighting bears.


Khabib’s dad recently gave an interview stating that he’s the one who put his son up to it. Only in Russia (or The Republic of Dagestan, as the case may be.)

The interviewer asked Khabib’s father: “In the west, Khabib has an entrenched image of a guy who fought as a child with the bears. For the people from the United States—this is madness. Tell me, was it for fun or part of his training?”


To which Khabib’s dad answered: “First—a father always wants to check on what his son his capable of. It is a pity that there were no fights more interesting when he was younger. In the end, this was a test of character more than exercise.”

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