RAW Results: Roman Reigns Wins WWE World Heavyweight Championship


Roman Reigns is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. No, really. Right now. There were no cash-ins, Bray Wyatt didn’t come out and ruin it for him…Roman Reigns won the top prize in pro wrestling and is holding it right now at this very second.


Seriously! This happened on RAW just now. He actually won a big match and reaped the rewards!

No, really, this is happening. I’m not trying to trick you. He really, totally won the belt. ON RAW!

We all knew that this relationship would never work...

Oh, and Vince McMahon himself actually appeared on-screen at RAW. That’s also a thing that happened.

So how the heck did this happen? What lead to this huge turn? Find out on the next page.

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