New App Called Rumblr Lets You Find Opponents For Random Streetfights


Rumblr is 100% real.

  1. Often when people create an app it’s because they recognize a problem in their own lives and want to create a solution, were you having trouble finding people to fight?

We can easily find people to fight, however, it’s extremely difficult and inefficient to find like-minded people to fight with. Further, Rumblr allows you to record data on the matter, something that hasn’t been done before. We’re disrupting recreational fighting.

  1. Are you going to offer a premium subscription and what will it include?

You can access professional fighters at professional venues with a premium account. More to come on this later.

  1. Tesla has been installing charging stations all over the country to meet the demand of their customers, do you have any plans to install makeshift rings or would that take away from the authenticity of your street fights?

With a premium account, you can fight at professional venues. With a free account, you have to provide your own place to fight. Does Tinder provide a bed?

  1. What happens when somebody gets killed?

We’re hands off after the initial matchup. Hopefully, a funeral.

  1. Tinder started to penalize people who were swiping right on everybody, any plans to do the same?

Your life, your swipe.

  1. In the state of Washington, a mutual combat law actually exists. So this app could possibly be legally used there. Is that where you got the idea?

That’s fortunate, but no. We got the idea from years of struggling to find recreational fighting partners on demand.

  1. Even if this is a troll, it could revolutionize the shit talking within the combat industry (Boxing, MMA, etc.). We would pay to watch live shit talking. Any thoughts on this?

Just like Tinder, we believe that the conversation before the interaction is an intimate and private matter.

  1. Do you think UFC matchmaker Joe Silva will adopt rumblr for his matchmaking or do you think he’ll continue picking names out of a hat?

I’m sure he already has.


User Mattyice67 tells us on the next page his experience when he used Rumblr for his first fight

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