Video: Man Makes His Girlfriend Ride Around In A Cage For Texting Another Man


We often hear about action in the Cage in MMA fight but this kind of action in the cage was an all-out outrage. See video below

This guy was recorded at McDonald’s drive-thru while ordering food with his girlfriend inside a cage on top of his car. Apparently as punishment for texting another guy.

When questioned further the man claims he caught her red-handed texting another dude and this is her punishment. Recently we learned about Anthony Johnson “Rumble” arrest on Monday night for domestic violence when he put his girlfriend in a football hold and took her to another room. Well if that was domestic violence. What will the cops call this?

The workers at this McDonalds were left speechless and astonished when they saw this. However, at the time, no one called the police to report this incident.

The woman seems to be taking her punishment very submissively as well and sits in the cage stating that she is hungry. Action in the cage took just took on a whole new meaning.

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