Conor McGregor Explains His Mistakes In His Fight With Khabib


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Nobody is perfect, and there is no doubt that Conor McGregor did not look too good against Khabib Nurmagomedov. And the reasons are varied, from their own mistakes to the successes of the UFC World Lightweight Champion. The Irishman spoke recently of the former.

During a recent interview with Tony Robbins, in the same one in which he revealed what he learned from LeBron James, “The Notorious” commented on his fight against the Russian fighter.

“I’m an attacker, my attack is my defense, and the whole approach to that fight was based on defending myself. So in each training assault, I was against the cage. As the training camp progressed, the more we focused on defense, the more defensive it was, and that is never what I do.

“That continues to bother me. And my training partners are heavy guys. The Moldovan fighter with whom I broke my foot is like a horse. And I had a Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion training with me who weighed 90 kilos. They are big guys and I was always defending myself from them .

Conor McGregor Rematch

“I let everything external get involved in my workouts. He is a type of sambo, who trained with bears when he was a child. I let the outside get inside me. After the fight, I went back to training with those guys and started attacking them .”

This is the latest explanation Conor McGregor has given for his defeat. No to doubt what he said. It might be true or it might be that Khabib was the better fighter on that night. You decide!

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