Sage Northcutt Suffers Eight Facial Fractures and Refusing Skin Graft After KO by Alexandre Cosmo (Video)


After suffering an expected brutal knock out by Alexandre Cosmo. Sage Northcutt had to be hospitalized with several facial fractures after the bout. He continues to be in the hospital, Sage team revealed that he suffered eight facial fractures which can be seen by MRI scan released by Northcutt on his Instagram account.

Many of Sage fans wish him well and a speedy recovery. As some have commented that combat sports is a very dangerous sport to practice and it just a matter of time before a player can get serious injuries.

Northcutt had to undergo nine hours of grueling surgery to repair his damaged skull. We are pleased to report that Sage Northcutt pull through the operation and seems to be recovering well based on statements and social media post from his team. However, shockingly the latest update on Northcutt is that his face has been damage to the extent that he will require skin graft after the surgery but to date, Sage Northcutt has been very stubborn and is refusing the treatment.

His decision seems to baffle those around him as to his refusal. Sage suffered his injuries during his debut in the One Championship earlier this month on May May 17 in ONE Championship: Rise of Warriors. See video below how Sage suffered his injuries

Northcutt knockout from another angle shows the power of Alexandre Cosmo punch to Sage face, he just falls to the canvas.

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