Video: This Craziest Fighter in the History of MMA


In all MMA companies, there are fighters that surprise for their personality, for their style competing, for how much they risk, for many reasons. But how many times has the name of Viacheslav Datsik been mentioned when dealing with these subjects?

This former fighter has been described by many as the craziest in the history of mixed martial arts. He retired in 2006 with a 6-9 record. It did not have much success but it is very popular.

Once retired he dedicated himself to the bad life (probably while fighting also), spending 9 years in jail. He was also part of a political party in Russia now banned.

This is nothing new to many, but perhaps so many others have not heard of it. Those who do not know will be surprised, and those who do will remember their madness in MMA.

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