8 Drug Test Failures That the UFC Wants You to Forget About


Lots of UFC fighters have failed drug tests due to steroids, diuretics and crazy testosterone levels. Which ones have been forgotten about?

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The UFC has almost become synonymous with steroid use over the last year due to the massive outbreak of failed drug tests, but the reality is that the organization has long struggled with banned substances, from champions on down to fighters on TUF. Well, champions age and go away and eventually those youngsters down on TUF become champions.

That’s where things get tricky.

Having fighters with failed drug tests to their name rise through the ranks and potentially capture gold is a bad look for the UFC, and they know it. Because of that, the UFC tries to ignore past drug test failures among rising fighters, and discourages its commentators and mouthpieces from talking about them.

There is no deleting Wikipedia, though. There are plenty of fighters fighting in main and co-main events these days with drug test failures to their names that the UFC would like you to forget about. So who are those names? And what did they do?

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