Vince McMahon’s Mother Brutally Beaten by Stepdad, Wishes He Could Kill Him


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Vince McMahon may be one of the best villains in American popular culture, but he’s also still an amazing rags-to-riches¬†story. During a feature with ESPN back in 2009, McMahon detailed his upbringing, and life before the WWF. The most compelling part was a discussion of his abusive stepfather:

ESPN: You once said that it was unfortunate that your stepfather died before you had a chance to kill him.
Vince McMahon: Right.
ESPN: Why did you want to kill him?
Vince: Because he needed it. And I would have happily have been the person to have done that.
ESPN: Why did he deserve it?
Vince: It was just the beatings and things of that nature…he used to beat me unmercifully, but I knew if I lived through that beating, fuck him, I won.

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