Too Hot For TV

WWE Capitalizing Off John Cena’s Broken Nose with “U CAN’T C KNEE” Shirt

Too Hot For TV

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The WWE was wise to have top heel and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins kick off last week’s SmackDown with a promo about how he smashed John Cena’s nose on Monday Night RAW. That’s gold for a villainous heel. They took it a step further on the August 3 edition of RAW, however, when they had Rollins kick off the show…rocking a brand new shirt that made light of the promotion’s top star’s busted face!

You can see the shirt in-action above…and also pre-order one from the WWE shop, if you’d like!


The shirt is available for sale as of August 17, but you’ll likely see it on Rollins from here until SummerSlam.
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