Video Shows Dana White Getting a Strange Injection In His Butt


A couple days ago, this image surfaced which had Dana White looking jacked. 


Some steroid accusations were made, which again – it’s perfectly fine if he’s on TRT or something, because the guy’s at the age where he would have it prescribed by his doter. Perfectly legal. He’s not a fighter. No controversy at all.

Somebody over on reddit found this video clip back from UFC 167 in one of the old DW Vlogs which showed him taking a trip to the doctor and bending over for a shot to the butt, and the original poster said that Dana was getting a TRT shot.

Take your vitamins!

DW (1)

In reality, it’s probablly B12 or something like that, because Dana White said he was feeling a little under the weather that day and a B12 injection can really help put a little extra pep in your step. It’s not testosterone, or a steroid, it’s a vitamin…

Not even Dana White has the gall to post a video of himself being injected with steroids while simultaneously banning fighters for the same thing, even thought the circumstances are quite difference and, once again, Dana White doesn’t compete so he can do whatever he wants.

Dana is 47 and he’s looking like he’s in the best shape of his life lately. Some people would make an extra 300 million and spend it on dining out at fancy restaurants every night, $1000 bottles of champagne, and just balloon up as a case study for obesity – but Dana seems to have spent that cash on a gym membership and decided to get built instead.

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