Nate Diaz Confronts Conor McGregor Fans For Talking Trash About Him


The hype for UFC 202 is just about in full swing, so that means we’ve got fighters doing the Late Night circuit. First, we had Nate show up on Conan where he was caught off guard by video clip of Conor (who wasn’t there) talking trash about him.

Nate’s poised to take over the game, he recently said:

“They’d better hope I lose because if I win this one, I’m really taking over.”

Welcome to the Nathan Diaz era. He’s not just here to take part, he’s here to take over. He’ll change your bum life. It’s black v-neck night.

Now, Nate made a funny appearance on Kimmel where they found people on the streets who are McGregor fans, and asked them about their expectations for the Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor rematch.


These guys started going off about how Nate’s going to get destroyed, etc etc etc… and then Nate walks up behind them like “What’s up?”

The funniest part of the whole clip is when Nate Diaz called out the Austin Powers guy.

Some people were saying that this video seems staged. They said the guys trash talk and reactions didn’t seem natural, and there was even a casting call for McGregor fans on Sherdog a while ago – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was all setup. They might have found some Conor fans and legitimately asked the about the fights unscripted, but these guys knew they were going to be interviewed on TV ahead of time so they came up with their own scripts which would explain why it didn’t sound naturally. That’s still pretty much a set-up since it’s not random people off the streets, but it’s not like a totally fake scripted bit either.

Like most things, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. It’s also really interesting to hear that Conor is the favorite for the rematch, too. Nate Diaz didn’t get a training camp the first time around, it took him a while to get started, and he was getting a little tired – which is very uncharacteristic. When he comes into the rematch looking his best, Conor’s going to really have to step things up, too.

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