Video Reveals Why Conor Can’t Land a Single Punch on Floyd


If you aren’t very familiar with boxing, you still probabally know what a defensive master Floyd Mayweather is. Simply put, the guy is hard to hit. He makes professional boxers look like they can’t hang, some of the best guys in the world at boxing have trouble hitting him.

To start with, here’s a slow motion video showing off how impossible it is to hit Floyd.

There’s a longer video showing off his defense, too, that we’ll include lower down.

Skip to the bottom if you want to see the¬†other video and don’t care about my commentary. I won’t be mad!

A lot of people are saying Conor just needs to land that one huge KO punch, but remember they’re going to be wearing boxing gloves so it’ll be harder to sneak those hands through Floyd’s defense, and despite Conor having some of the best, most unpredictable movement in MMA, how will that translate into boxing?

On the other hand, Conor will be giving Floyd looks that he hasn’t seen before. Floyd is used to fighting boxers, so Conor’s unconventional style of striking (read: his lack of pure boxing) might actually be his biggest advantage in this fight.

One final point before he get to the video that shows off Floyd’s defensive mastery and open the floodgates for debate.

Anyone giving Conor a 0% chance isn’t looking at the fact. It’s not that low. He’s obviously not the favorite, and on paper the fight isn’t even close, but it’s not 0%. Conor has the size, reach, age, and the advantage of being active. Not to mention all the pressure is on Floyd, he wants that 50-0. He’s the one punching down to fight a guy who isn’t even a boxer. Conor has nothing to lose here, nobody expects anything. Floyd might even take the fight too lightly, which could spell disaster. So, those are some of the positives for Conor.

HAVING SAID THAT… those are huge “What if’s”, Floyd is still the best defensive boxer ever and one of the best guys to ever step inside the ring, and you can’t discount that just because he’s 40 and hasn’t fought in a couple years, although those two things do tip the scales towards Conor a BIT.

Anyways, the final point is that Conor’s chances aren’t 0. What would you give him? 5%? 20:1 odds? But if this was an MMA fight, Floyd’s chances would be absolutely 0, unless Conor someone broke his neck by slipping and falling at the very start of the fight. Even if he sprained his ankle or broke an arm, an MMA fight would easily go to Conor 100 out of 100 times.

But they’re not fighting MMA, they’re fighting BOXING. This is for people who haven’t seen a lot of Floyd’s magic. He’s not afraid to take the fight at his own pace, and you just have to look at this barrage of incredible, professional boxers who can BARELY land on Floyd. Will Conor’s difference stance and style confuse Floyd, or just make things easier? That’s what we’ll all be paying $100, like suckers, to see.

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