Leaked Clip Of Mayweather Sparring Has Conor Fans Sweating


Floyd is known for keeping a tight lid on things at his gym. Sometimes he’ll let the cameras and media in, but usually they have to put away their cameras and any recording devices when it’s time to actually start sparring. A very select group of people are able to hang out at the gym and watch the workouts, even less so during the sparring sessions, but when it’s time to work it means put the cameras away.

Some paparazzi was hanging out at Floyd’s gym and managed to capture some sparring footage, and you can compare it to Conor’s leaked sparring footage where he tested his boxing against an unranked boxer.

Obviously, styles make fights, and we won’t know for sure what’s going to happen until both guys are actually in the cage, but after we take a look at Floyd’s sparring footage, we’ll show you a super epic promo video that’ll have you thinking this fight is closer than it really is – and isn’t that the hallmark of a great promo?

Look, fight fans all know what this is… but seriously, why not just suspend disbelief like a good superhero movie and be on board for the ride? It’ll be a lot more fun that way.

Want to check out that crazy hype promo we mentioned? It’s on the next page:

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