These Youtube Pranksters Tried To Scare a Plumber: It Turned Violent and Not Funny Real Quick


Everyone hates getting pranked. Sure, it’s awesome to be on the giving end of a prank, making your friends and family regret the fact that they ever trusted you and laughing at them for taking you at your word. But we’ve all been on the bad end of a prank at some point, and that gives a prank-gone-wrong a kind of sadistic pleasure like almost nothing else.

If that’s the kind of thing you enjoy, well, the childish British assholes over at TrollStation created something special last week when a plumber they suckered into believing he was going to be brutally murdered by chainsaw wielding maniac laid the smacketh down on the entire crew. He punched, he kicked and he threw people through doors in one of the greatest “good, those jerksĀ deserved it” moments in internet history.

Things didn't just stop in the bathroom...

Things didn’t just stop in the bathroom…

Want to see this plumber lay the smacketh down on these asshats?

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