100 Ways To Attack The Groin


There are  a few key rules in MMA:

Male mixed martial artists shall wear a groin protector of their own selection, of a type approved by the Commissioner.
The following acts constitute fouls in a contest or exhibition of mixed martial arts and may result in penalties, at the discretion of the referee, if committed.
2a. Groin attacks of any kind.

Things weren’t always this way, back in the early days of UFC they forgot to include this little but all important rule and some very mean fighters took advantage of it.

Exhibit A:
joe son groin shots
Joe Son getting his balls pummeled by Keith Hackney at UFC 4.

Exhibit B:
goodridge groin strike otavio
Gary Goodridge viciously reaching into Pedro Otavio’s short shorts and squeezing his nuts until they basically burst. (Don’t forget Gary was a world champion arm wrestler.)

Things can get even more creative though, this sick bastard has actually come up with 100 different methods to attack the groin:
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