These Two Fighters Had an Intense Lightsaber Duel At The UFC Weigh-Ins


Cole Miller and his opponent Jim Alers are feeling the Star Wars hype just like everyone else. Just because you’re a pro fighter, that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the biggest movie of all time. These guys prove that they still have the power within, well so to speak. What is it that is driving them, maybe it the power to fight. Cole and Jim took a different position to their posing posture for the UFC instead of displaying their usual fighters stance, they took a original, well maybe not original but surely different stance and displayed their star wars skills in a lightsaber duel. Now how is that for different, what is that you really want to see.

Star Wars Battlefront

While most people are waiting inline at the cinema, these two guys had to cut weight and get punched in the face, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t getting into the spirit. Cole Miller and Jim Alers showed us that they still have the force within them. We wonder if that is what is driving them to fight in the first place. Check out the duel below, what do you prefer the usual fighters stance or UFC lightsaber duel.

We think they wanted to please the crowds and give them something different. Admittedly even if you don’t like it or thought it was nerdy for sure it was that is something different they were giving us this time around.

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