Sage Northcutt Is Flattered That Everybody Says He’s On Steroids: “It’s Very Nice Of Them”


Sage Northcutt takes criticism very well. He’s no stranger to steroid talk, but he hasn’t failed a test. His last opponent, Cody Pfister, said:

“From what I’ve heard [Northcutt’s] been drug tested like four times, I think that says something,” Pfister told Bloody Elbow. “He’s f***ing jacked, I’m sure he’s juicing, but who knows. I might be wrong on that and he’s just naturally gifted, but it doesn’t matter.”

Here’s Sage bending a frying pan: 


Northcutt says it has nothing to do with steroids, he’s been training hard since he was able to walk.


“I don’t care that he said that,” Northcutt told Yahoo!’s Kevin Iole. “That’s a major compliment to me. I’m very thankful they’re saying stuff like that. It’s very nice of them. But I know how hard I’ve trained since I was a little kid. I’ve been dieting for 15 years.”

Here’s a Chicken-Smootie in the Northcutt home: 

“I’ve been on strict diets the whole time and eating right and training hard the whole time,” said Sage Northcutt. “I’ve worked to be where I am right now. Since I was four, I’ve been eating egg whites, fish, grilled chicken, rice, vegetables, super lean hamburger meat, foods like that, ever since I was just a little kid. I was drinking protein shakes back then.”

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