Referee Reveals What Conor McGregor Actually Said To Jose Aldo After Knocking Him Out


The arena was way too loud for the mics to pick up what Conor said to Jose Aldo immediately after knocking him out. After over a year of constant trash talk and a deep rivalry, Conor had nothing but respect for his opponent.


In the post-fight presser, where Conor was running the show, here is McGregor’s account of events:

“What I said was, ‘Look we can go again.’ Although it’s a nice feeling to get that knockout, it’s kind of not nice because you can see what’s happening around. 

You don’t want to see the only champion in the company’s history going out like that. I had a little moment where I felt sorry for Jose.


It’s been a long road, and I appreciate that he showed up here and made the journey. Because I have no doubt there were options to pull [out] like the last time.”

According to Big John McCarthy, who had the best seat in the house, here’s what Conor said immediately following the match…

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