Teen Confronts and Destroys Stepfather in Bare Knuckle Fight For Hitting His Mom


The kid went out to prove what he understood as an eye for eye from his point of view.

Watch the fight in the video below:

Teen Confronts and Fights His Stepfather in Parking Lot For Smacking His Mom
Don’t mess up with a kid who loves his mom

He bravely challenged his mom’s abuser who is obviously bigger and older than he is, to a fight in the parking lot outside his workplace.  He wasted no time showing this dirtbag he is serious, the youngster quickly dropped his stepdad to the ground with a vicious right straight. But he did not stop there, he continued the attacks while his stepdad was on the ground, sending a message not to mess up with his mom again.

Teen Confronts and Fights His Stepfather in Parking Lot For Smacking His Mom
Well-deserved lesson thought

Lesson Learned

This kid got the upper hand in the fight being preemptive in his strike so the stepfather was anxious to score a blow or two back on the kid. However, he was not letting that happen. He kept this distance when he needed to and move into strike strategically it clear the stepdad did not stand a chance with this kid amateur fighting technique.

When his stepdad tried to his feet, he saw an opportunity to further punish him and delivered a clean right jab and a volley of kicks, the teen seem somewhat satisfied but he was not still 100% satisfied with the beating he did. When he finally got to his feet he was in no condition to fight back as he was damaged from the strikes given his stepson inflicted on him

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