Irish Newspaper Calls For UFC To Be Banned, They Don’t Like Conor McGregor At All


When Conor fights, it feels like he has all of Ireland standing behind him.


But that’s not actually the case. A lot of politicians and other public figures in Ireland have spoken out against MMA, kind of like what was happening in America 10-15 years ago.


Residents of Ireland, especially some living near Croke Park where Conor may host one of the biggest UFC events of all time, are also not too pleased with McGregor’s meteoric rise – saying they want this dangerous and barbaric sport kept out of their neighborhood.

It’s the classic case of older people not understand what they’re seeing, and being afraid of change. To act like Conor McGregor is anything besides great for the nation of Ireland is the real farce here. The fact that the writer calls to ban “UFC” instead of “MMA” or any other combat sport speaks to his ignorance.

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