Rogan: Nunes Vs. Rousey – the main event less competitive


When Ronda Rousey entered the ring she was the favorite for the night when she went up against Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, but the former bantamweight champ flattered immensely and was not even the shadow of the Ronda Rousey that we know from a few years ago. Her performance was not up to par with Nunes and at the end of the night it showed when Nunes prevailed in just forty-eight seconds.

Renowned UFC commentator Joe Rogan spoke about the fight via his podcast show called ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ about how surprised he felt about seeing Rousey being outfitted like that:

Joe Rogan: “UFC 207, that was one of the craziest events of all time, and see that main event … It was surreal. ”

That was the main event less competitive, except for the fight with Aldo vs. McGregor, but (in that fight) it was a dynamic fist to the chin that knocked him out (to Aldo).”

The moment when (Ronda) was hit, she did not move her head at all, she was standing in the air and then her legs came together, that’s when you realize someone is hurt. When someone gets up and starts to move but their legs are too close together, then some shit is not working well. She was probably already hurt by the second or third blow Amanda connected to her. ”

(Ronda) was [hit] by the strongest kicker of 135 pounds. There’s not a single girl in that division who hits like Amanda does.”

This must have been very painful for Ronda not only emotionally but physically, good on the ref for making the call before she got hurt even more.

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