Justin Bieber Mocks Ronda Rousey


Justin Bieber mocked Ronda Rousey for her defeat

It is not the first time that singer Justin Bieber mocks the misfortunes of Ronda Rousey.

It all started a month before Ronda’s fight with Holly Holm in which the Californian was brutally knocked out by the pastor’s daughter.

According to Rousey, her younger sister asked for a photo of the Canadian, but he refused.
“So I walked over there and said ‘excuse me,’ to which he replied, ‘I’ve already taken a trillion photos today’, and I said ‘yes, but she’s the only one with 16 years at the party’, he Repeated ‘A billion!’, And kept walking, completely omitting my sister, “Ronda said of the meeting with the singer.

Now, after losing with Amanda Nunes, Bieber returned to the charge and published in their social networks and this time was harder and used high-sounding words.

“They’ve knocked you out …”, said the singer.

I guess Ronda will not be a Bieber fan any more.

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