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Muay Thai Fighter Brutally Attacks Father And Daughter In Road Rage Incident

Muay Thai

It is really a shame when anyone who practices or trains in Muay Thai carry on in a way that shames the art.

Well, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in Australia.  Daniel Valusaga allegedly attacked a father and his daughter in the middle of the road in Queensland.  The incident that was reported by media outlets and was recorded from what we have seen we can say it’s pretty brutal. Valusaga is a champion Muay Thai fighter in Australia, even to the extent that he was and nominated in 2015 for the Male Hunter of the Year by the Australian Muay Thai Awards.

The next day after the incident that took place Daniel Valusaga turned into a police station. From our accounts, the incident appears to have started when Nathan Harris, the man attacked in the video had double parked. In the video, there is a man who is allegedly is Valusaga approached the car and Harris comes out and he is brutally attacked. Harris’s daughter tries to rescue her dad by intervening and is also attacked. Harris tries to intervene and is knocked out while her daughter takes a few more punches before the man alleged to be Valusaga flees.
This video below shows the local news coverage of the event.

On social media especially Facebook they are people calling for Valusaga’s head on a stick, on the other hand, there are some who have oddly come to his defense implying that they may be more to the incident than what appears on the video. Well, that may be true for any video but it hard to justify a Muay Thai fighter beating a girl that way who is obviously no match for him.   Combat fighter train more than the average person and should be more discipline when it comes to the use of violence.

Who knows what will happen in this case, but it seems that Valusaga is going to be in a mess because of the video evidence.

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