When Perfect Leg Kick Goes Wrong


Leg kicks are one of the most brutal, and yet it is one of the most under appreciated attack moves in combat sports. Case in point Jose Aldo damage from leg kicks see here.

Unless you follow MMA, Muay Thai or Kickboxing, you hardly see leg kicks being used in the sport in abundance when you are watching a fight. Despite this leg kicks are the most deadly and debilitating moves that you will see in a fight that can temporally paralyze an opponent. This is what makes it so dangerous.

That being said, then what type of damage can you inflict with the prefect leg kick?

This video show a leg kick turn extremely painful. We don’t know if it was a setup or if it spontaneously happened. Regardless if it was a set up it look really painful. The mere fact that someone’s leg could bend like that is simply amazing.

What you think was this real or is it a set up. Also share it with friends to see what they think!

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