Christy Mack Describes War Machine Attack In Gory Detail “I Could Taste The Blood In My Mouth”


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The various forms of martial arts attract some of the most disciplined, skilled, and respectful people on earth. Unfortunately, combat sports can also attract some of the most violent, dangerous, and psychopathic people, too. MMA is no stranger to domestic violence and abuse, and the sport doesn’t have the best track record of dealing with it.


The amount of MMA fighters that have been arrested for domestic violence is more than double the national average, and more than triple that of the NFL.

The national average shows that 360 out of every 100,000 men will be arrested for domestic violence.

When you look at MMA fighters, it’s 750 out of 100,000.

The NFL has the lowest rates of domestic violence, with 210 arrests for every 100,000 players.

The most accurate of these numbers if the national average because the sample size of men is much greater than 100,000 whereas the sample size for MMA fighters and NFL players is much smaller than 100,000 so they’re forced to extrapolate.

One of the most well-known examples of domestic violence in the world of MMA happened in 2014.

Here’s a look at Christy Mack’s interview from the controversial episode of Real Sports which explored domestic violence in MMA:

Christy Mack was recently interviewed by HBO regarding the attack on her by ex-boyfriend and former UFC fighter Jon Koppenhaver (Who legally changed his name to War Machine in 2008), who was offered a contract to fight for the UFC’s main competitor, Bellator, while still in prison.

10 broken bones, a broken nose, missing and broken teeth, a fractured rib and a severely ruptured liver from a kick to her side.

Christy Mack’s injuries included 10 broken bones, a broken nose, missing and broken teeth, a fractured rib and a severely ruptured liver from a kick to her side.

Bellator used videos of War Machine in prison to hype up his fights. This was during a previous stint in prison, not his current time behind bars which was brought on by his assault and near-murder of Christy.

“If he ever gets out, he will kill me,” Mack said in her HBO interview.

War Machine allegedly used a plethora of MMA techniques against Christy Mack and is up on charges of assault and attempted murder. That same night, War Machine also assaulted Corey Thomas:

The injuries of Corey Thomas, caused by War Machine.

The injuries of Corey Thomas (A friend of Christy Mack), caused by War Machine.

This month alone, there have been two very high-profile cases of domestic violence among very well-known UFC personalities.

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