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Christy Mack recently did a tell-all on HBO sports detailing the events that took place on the night of her attack. The story is quite chilling, she told details about how John “War Machine” Koppenhaver licked his hand and touched her vagina but couldn’t get hard to rape her. He beat her so bad he ruptured her liver and she was going in and out of consciousness.

The Hottest Christy Mack Pictures that are Safe for Work

Obviously, the hottest pictures of Christy Mack are all over the internet waiting for you to find them. You don’t need to look far. But we’ve put together a gallery of the best SFW (or, at least, relatively safe for work as long as your boss doesn’t mind scantily clothed women) photos of Christy Mack. And when you’re done admiring the tattoos and curves, the Christy Mack comprehensive guide continues with her personal life.

CM10  Christy mack tattoos \

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Christy Mack has crammed a lot of living and a lot of life into the last 6 years. From married and homemaker at 18, to adult film star at 21, Christy has then spent the last few years picking up AVN awards, getting outrageously inked, and recovering from a tragic and obscenely violent love story with MMA fighter Jon War Machine Koppenhaver.

With her distinct style and rock-hot quirky look, Christy Mack is a model that everyone wants to ogle. And she’s not afraid to throw the verbal punches either, never failing to dish the dirty on her life as an adult entertainer. In short, she’s someone that everyone wants a piece of – perhaps too many pieces given the 36 counts War Machine was indicted for after attacking her.

We’ve put together the comprehensive guide to Christy Mack, containing everything you could ever want to know and tons of photos from her modelling days. There’s humble beginnings, Christy Mack’s tattoos, little-known information about her time with Jon Koppenhaver, War Machine’s trial, juicy stuff about the adult entertainment industry, and even giving blow jobs in return for Lego.

Christy Mack Vital Stats

Christy Mack Booty Shorts


  • Height: 5 ft 3 in
  • Weight: 105 lbs
  • Real name: Christine Mackinday
  • Born:  South Chicago Heights, Illinois
  • Adult films: 118
  • Christy Mack Purple Hair

Christy Mack’s Adult Industry Career

The Early Days

Christy’s first job was dressing up as a gorilla and dancing outside a Sprint store. Which seems a terrible waste of her assets. And her acting for that matter. She’d get free fries from the Arby’s staff next door and do some jigs for passing customers, sweating beneath the gorilla fur throughout. We won’t post any photos, because it was when she took her clothes off that her career blossomed.

christy mack 4

Christy had been designing her own tattoos and getting inked since she was 15.  Stripping away the gorilla fur she started posing as a tattoo model, something that quickly attracted the attention of photographers in Miami. Like most modelling jobs that attract bombshell women to Florida, there was more to it than simply snapping some photos. She was also dancing in Miami clubs and was introduced to the fast money lifestyle of the adult film business in 2012, at the age of 21. As she says in Inked Magazine:

“I came into porn at the exact time when nobody was like me—a very curvaceous woman with tattoos. Usually when you see a tattooed girl in porn she has no tits, no ass, she’s like a stick figure.”

Her early filmography cinematic milestones like The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn ParodyTits to Die For 2, and My Tattooed Freak. The world took notice and she quickly racked up over a hundred adult features.

Awards and Nominations

In 2013 Christy Mack’s small-scale productions became hot property. She took away the gong of Best International Actress at the Berlin based Venus Awards, one of the industry’s most unique showpieces. Rather than a mere awards ceremony, Venus attracts 40,000 revelers to watch topless bull riding, oil wresting, and lots of simulated live sex. Which we think is a pretty big deal. Renting an adult feature is one thing. But watching the same stars go at it live on stage is another level.

In 2014 Christy Mack was nominated for seven different AVN Awards including best group scene, best new starlet, and best all-girl group scene. Six of these she was completely robbed from winning. You know how those AVN Awards are, it’s all politics and who’s screwing who behind the scenes. Okay, so maybe we’re also a little biased, but how could they look past an image like this, especially when it’s accompanied by Christy’s inspiring words: “When I have sex on camera I am going to put my legs in places I didn’t know I could put them.”

christy mack5 christy mack twitter5

She wasn’t to leave empty handed though. Christy Mack won the award for Most Promising Starlet, an award that’s voted for by the fans. And it’s the fans that count for the most. Even though the AVN were giving her awards, she also managed to take home the XBIZ trophy for Best New Starlet in 2014. It was a year that the nominations racked up. Her personal website was nominated as Performer Site of the Year at the XBIZ Awards, something that gives at clue at whats hiding beneath the frontpage of At the same awards ceremony she was also nominated for Crossover Star of the Year.

These two years of continual recognition helped catapult Christy into worldwide fame. She went from being the extra to the main event, with features like I am Christy Mack getting nominated for Best Three-way Sex Scene, and her one on one with Toni Ribas almost taking away the ANV Best Boy / Girl Scene.

What Christy Mack Says About the Life of An Adult Actress

“You have to handle snakes every day or as frequently as you can.” We’re not going to disagree with you Christy, although she’s actually talking about the nine snakes she keeps as pets. So if you get invited round to her place you best be man enough to handle the attitude from a couple of cobras.

Much like her look, Christy has always been outspoken and hasn’t hidden anything, especially from her social media accounts. She was so honest that she got kicked off facebook for impersonating Christy Mack. Seriously. Despite thousands of fans clambering for her account to be re-opened, it took facebook months to admit they were wrong. She was spluttering about sex, blow jobs, and getting screwed by countless guys. But what else is an adult star going to write about? Shopping at Home Depot or building a house made out of Lego (more about this one later…). No she’s going to post raunchy photos and say things like:

“Some days were way easier than others. You show up, you have sex, you have fun and you leave with a check. Other days you are giving a blowjob for 12 hours, and it’s like what am I doing wrong here?”


Christy is pretty plain when it comes to the downside of the job. She says that anyone who claims it doesn’t hurt is lying, especially when you’re working for hour after hour with some huge guys: “You’re doing these uncomfortable positions with a huge cock, and it’s just, you get sore.” But while the do-good brigade constantly chastise porn for degrading women, Christy has been vocal in challenging the tired argument. She says she only plays roles where she’s in a dominant position and doesn’t go in for anything that leans towards humiliation. And the bottom line is that she enjoys her job: “It’s cool to be a porn star and have that kind of recognition while having an awesome time having sex.”

Retirement from the Adult Industry

In April of 2015, Mack announced that she would not be returning to adult films. It was an understandable decision given that  she was nearly beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend, Jon War Machine Koppenhaver, a MMA fighter who pummeled with his fists and threatened her with a knife. Christy said that for months she couldn’t recognize herself in the mirror and hated what she saw. And you can’t really be an award winning adult film star if you don’t feel sexy.

After recovering from the attempted murder, Christy Mack has decided that it’s time to turn over a new leaf and focus on her other projects. She’s had a very prolific career in the adult industry, with nearly 120 films under her belt. Her dedication to the craft isn’t hurt by this decision, sometimes it’s just time to move on. Fortunately, fans still have lots of opportunity to admire her curves. She recently embarked on her first live tour, responding to fans who wanted to see her assets in the flesh. In2015 she’s danced at many of the most celebrated adult theaters in the United States, and she’s not shy to invite the punters on her twitter account. Keep reading because while she hasn’t been filming, the Mack has still been in countless photo shoots, not to mention posting her Mack Monday selfies – stronger than a double shot cappuccino for waking you up at the start of the week.

christy mack twitter6  christy mack2

Random Mack Facts

  • She says that she’s never been high in her entire life, including never having smoked marijuana. In an Instagram post, she said that it is her friend Johnny Roq’s goal in life to get her to smoke up.
  • She graduated from Columbus North High School in 2009.
  • She got her first tattoo before her 16th birthday.
  • Her earlier gigs were as a tattoo model in particular, before she transcended the genre and gained a more mainstream following.
  • She rarely drinks and prefers to challenge bartenders to creating a funky non-alcoholic cocktail.

Christy Mack’s Tattoos

Christy Mack has been getting inked since she was 15. That’s three years before she first had sex. She’s designed most of them herself and tattooed her body over the years, something which she says helps to reflect the different stages of her life. Her knuckles are now emblazoned with Love Sick, the same tattoo that Jenna Jameson also has, although Christy claims she had no idea. After her early career as a tattoo model, the Mack continues to publicize her new tattoos – and to be honest, what’s the point getting a new tattoo if you’re not going to publicize it. Her new tattoos have been played live over the internet and Sullen TV was there to shoot her latest creation. Here are a few images that showcase her painted body.

CM5  CM6  CM12

One thing Christy won’t tattoo is her ass and her tits. As she puts it, they’re her money makers. So they shouldn’t be tarnished. In 2015 her tattoos are stretching further and further across her body. She had her scalp inked and then presented it to the world in a shoot for Inked magazine.

cm head tattoo

Christy Mack’s Personal Life

In an interview with Spizoo, Mack says she had no hobbies outside of porn and she’s the most boring person in the world (for some reason we have our doubts, especially since we’ve read her twitter posts about offering a blow job to the person who can build her the best Lego structure). When she’s not working, she likes to just relax and binge, as well as watch movies and tv shows on Netflix. She likes scary movies, hates comedies, and likes watching period pieces when she’s on her period (her words, not ours.)


Christy Mack keeps a list of guys in the industry that are assholes. It currently contains over a dozen guys and these are the ones she doesn’t like to work with. A lot of actresses in her line of work have a “no list”, but Christy’s list is a bit different. She’d rather not, but she says she’s an artist and a consummate professional. In short, when it comes to shooting quality porn, she doesn’t want to let anything get in the way of creating the magic. There’s not a lot of the girls in the industry that can display such a professionalism and love for their craft.

Most starlets come up with fake names but Christy Mack is such a gangster that she just uses a shorter version of her real name, Christy Mackinday. She’s not ashamed of who she is and what she does for a living. Her reasoning is that if you’re going to recognize her on the street, it doesn’t matter what name she has. In a world filled with fake names, fake backstories, and fake people, Mack is a breath of fresh air. Which might explain why her merchandize has been such a hit. If you’re going to wear a cap emblazoned with a star’s name, you better make sure it’s a real name, and not some marketed bullshit.

Christy Mack’s Relationship with War Machine


The pair, during happier times.

Christy Mack’s relationship with War Machine really hit the news in the last year. Suddenly both the fighter and the adult actress became mainstream. Jon War Machine Koppenhaver was a professional mixed martial artist fighting for the second most popular promotion, Bellator MMA. She was the top starlet in the adult industry and one of the most popular performers on the rise. They seemed like a match made in heaven and had couple tattoos. They had a passionate relationship but certainly one not without it’s flaws. In her own words…

“We have our ups and downs, it’s a relationship. We’re about seven months in now, working on getting a reality show. Of course I go to all of his fights, and we just do what we do.” said Mack in an interview with Vice.


As you’d expect, they were absolute exhibitionists. In 2014, they appeared in Hustler together in a nude pictorial. When War Machine was a guest on Rogan’s podcast, he tweeted a picture of himself and Christie fooling around in his truck outside of the studio, which clearly displayed the GPS co-ordinates of Joe’s pad. The tweet was promptly deleted, but just goes to show that these two were like a bulldozer with a wrecking ball attached. Both the Mack and Koppenhaver regularly took to social media to provide information about their sex life, and it wasn’t always pretty. This tweet from the War Machine hinted at the things that were to come.

Bellators-War-Machine-MMA-Twitter-Rape-tweet Things soon began to take a darker turn and Christy later admitted that she was regularly and routinely the victim of Koppenhaver’s violent side. Slaps became punches as the relationship spiraled out of control. Their relationship was being lived out on social media and as it became brutal it jumped to the forefront of the mainstream media.

“He became abusive about four to five months in, but by that time I was totally in love with him… So, so in love. The first time I thought, ‘Oh, it’ll never happen again.’ The day after, he stayed home from training and coddled me. After every time he would hit me, those were the best days of our relationship.”

For two people whose fame and success depended largely on marketing, it was ironic that the most attention they’ve ever received is what would end their careers as they knew it.

Christy Mack was brutally attacked by Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver


In August of 2014, news broke that Christy Mack and a friend of hers had been assaulted while inside her Las Vegas home. The alleged attacker was Jon Koppenhaver, known to fight fans as War Machine. The mainstream story suggested that the couple had already split up, but Jon showed up at Mack’s home uninvited. They had been on and off for a while and in these situations, nobody is never quite clear whether a relationship is on the edge or truly over. The story suggested that the War Machine turned up to discovered his former girlfriend with another man, sending him into a violent rage of jealousy. Christy was quick to squash rumors that this was with another MMA fighter.

christy mack twitter8

It’s no secret that War Machine is a violent guy (BTW – War Machine is his real name, he changed is legally in 2008). Just check his record. Before the incident with Christy he’d been found guilty of four separate accounts of assault, culminating in spending close to two years behind bars. He was also pretty mean in the cage with a 19-5 professional record fighting in the Welterweight division.

Christy Mack’s Injuries and War Machine On The Run

This wasn’t some ordinary beating. In the August 2014 incident, Christy sustained 10 broken ribs, a fractured rib, a broken, nose, broken and missing teeth, and a ruptured liver. With the trial set for September 2015, we can’t categorically say that the War Machine is guilty. But it looks pretty conclusive. After the assault,  Koppenhaver went AWOL and was on the run from police while he continued to tweet. It was kind of like a modern-day version of OJ Simpson’s famous car chase scene. Except it was being played out on twitter.


Koppenhaver was being pursued by Dog The Bounty Hunter and was finally found in a hotel room in Simi Valley with a bit of cash and a pizza. Comfort food we imagine, as it certainly doesn’t look like he needs to be down to a trim fighting weight anytime soon.

The Aftermath of Christy Mack’s Assault

War Machine was apprehended and refused bail. Things continued to spiral as he was placed on suicide watch and tried to kill himself. He thanks some of the prison guards for talking to him and helping him realize some very important lessons about life.  In hindsight, here’s what he had to say about his suicide attempt.

“I bitched out way too early.”

Koppenhaver has been charged with 36 counts—including attempted murder, kidnapping, numerous charges of assault, and sexual assault. He is expected to stand trial in September and has pleaded not guilty. Experts believe that his defense will be based on lowering the gravity of the major charges to battery. He will also claim that he was acting in self-defense, although this seems a little far-fetched given the images of Christy Mack’s injuries that have been published online.

During his first spell in prison, War Machine had continued to be active on social media. That has continued with his latest indictment, including a long rant he aimed at Mike Tyson:

“You of all people know about our corrupt system, and about vindictive women. Battery is being called ‘attempted murder’, and all of the sudden I was ‘raping’ my girlfriend during our relationship as well…I know what it is to hate yourself, I know what it is to hate those who love you.”

Christy Mack’s Assault Photos

The most memorable part of the whole saga was when Christy Mack posted her face post-assault. The chilling images infuriated War Machine fans but helped shine a light on the intensity of the assault. Keeping in mind that she’s a model with no martial arts training, and he’s a professional martial artist with years of training, you can make up your own mind about what really went down that night. Only three people know for sure, but these pictures don’t tell a very pretty story.


While in court, Jon interrupted the judge to demand a polygraph test in an attempt to get the court to believe his side of the story. Lie detectors are inadmissible in court and Koppenhaver’s motion to dismiss the charges was dismissed. If he’s found guilty of all the charges he’s facing a 25 year sentence. The court date is scheduled for September 28th, 2015.


Only in the coming months will the details of the “fighting for my life” claim be revealed. Given his history of violence and the extent of the Mack’s injuries, it seems unlikely that Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver will escape severe punishment. All we can hope is that justice is properly served.

Christy Mack’s Recovery from Assault

As you might expect, Christy Mack wasn’t about to jump into any new adult features. Black eyes and broken ribs don’t really make for glamorous porn. In her own words, her recovery was slow and steady. However, she was applauded by many for returning to the public eye and speaking candidly about what happened to her. What to her was a lengthy recovery, to others was a show of inspiration. Less than a half a year after the attack, with a new set of teeth and a new tattoo, Christy was back doing photo shoots and impressing the media.

Rather than hide away, Mack was outspoken in her defense of others who have suffered from domestic violence.

“Just feeling my face, I knew it wasn’t right,” she said in an interview with ESPN. “So when I’d look in the mirror, it’s not me — that person wasn’t me. It’s so hard to go every day without being you anymore.”

Her fans and her friends have played an integral part of her recovery. Multiple surgery is always going to be a bitter pill to swallow when your industry is based on looks. Christy admits she’ll never look the same but she seems to be back with her trademark confidence, emphasized by her recent raunchy shoot for Inked. “I’ve had a lot of great support from my friends and my fans, so that’s definitely helping me a lot.”

Christy Mack’s Property of War Machine Tattoo

One thing that’s definitely going to change about Christy’s body is the large tattoo on her lower back. The one that clearly stamps the evidence of her last relationship.

christy mack war machine tattoo

The Mack has repeatedly said that the tattoo is going to be inked over, and her recent shoots have avoided exposing this part of her body. But it’s going to be a big cover up job and you can’t blame her for considering the options. To be honest, it’s a tattoo that never should have been inked in the first place. Not that we’ve got anything about lovers’ tattoos. But it does look like a tramp stamp on an artistically decorated body.

What’s Christy Mack Doing Now

Though she’s retired from the adult film industry, Mack isn’t just sitting around and stuffing herself with pizza. She went full Britney Spears and shaved off her famous mohawk, something she’s been sporting since before she had her cherry popped. Her merchandize line has been kicking off and the offers for photo shoots keep coming. Christy says she was planning to retire regardless, after saving enough money in three years of adult films to last a lifetime. As it is, she’s riding the wave of publicity to her advantage and has been wowing crowds over the States with her live performances.


The Best of Christy Mack on Twitter

We all know that Christy’s visual stats add up, but the Mack has been complaining that nobody wants to follow her on twitter. Instagram yes. But twitter? Like most adult stars she understands that fans want to see her, but not necessarily listen to her. But we started following her on twitter and started getting addicted to the saucy minx. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to injecting a dose of humor into her daily life. So to finish out comprehensive guide to Christy Mack, here are a few of our all time favorites from @Christymack:

Christy Mack Twitter Selfies

Christy is also a girl of schedules, which makes things a lot brighter on a Monday. On most Mondays there’s always a brief flash of happiness when the Mack posted a new image with her Mack Monday hashtag. Here are a few favorites that always make Mondays far more agreeable than they usually are.

christy mack twitter   christy mack twitter2

christy mack twitter3  christy mack twitter4


Christy Mack in Words

  • “Gain a little weight and all the sudden people offer to feed you cupcakes while they fuck you… I mean, I’m cool with that.”
  • “My mom asked if I was going to put a bra on, then remembered it doesn’t matter because everyone has already seen my boobs.”
  • “This guy Jerry really likes my face near genitals.”
  • “I hate when my instagram stops working… I’m just trying to like some pictures of cute fucking dogs and women with large asses.”
  • “Is this skirt like “I’m a slut” short, or “I’m a whore” short? I don’t want to send the wrong signal.”
  • “All of these couples are doing coupley things and I’m just wanting someone to scratch my back and make me cum.”
  • “Everyone sends me pictures of their ball pythons like I’m supposed to be impressed… it’s like sending me a picture of your 2″ dick.”

Christy has been using twitter and her not-insignificant talents to improve her pad. She went on twitter offering a blow job to the person who could come up with the best Lego creation. Which was a pretty sick challenge for nerds everywhere. And the Mack has a genius riposte to those who claimed it was shameless self marketing: “I’m just a whore that likes Legos.” We’ll ignore the poor grammar Christy because we spent three hours filling a Walmart trolley with an assortment of Lego paraphernalia.


One thing can be sure, Christy Mack has made a lot of money doing Christy Mack Anal, promoting it on her Christy Mack twitter linking out to the Christy Mack pornhub and her Christy Mack Net worth has soared.

Christy Mack Net Worth

Christy Mack has a net worth of approximately half a million US dollars earned earned primarily through her activities as a pornographic actress. The top females in the industry can have paychecks more than $350,000 a year.

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