Michael “Venom” Page Speaks for the First Time After his Brutal KO Defeat


Michael “Venom” Page is a very talented fighter, very popular and with a very successful career to never have fought in the UFC. Many fans saw him as a favorite to triumph in the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix just as many wanted him to be knocked out. And this was the second thing that happened last Saturday.

MVP is a fighter that attracts a lot of attention. So far always in victory or promoting their fights. But now also in defeat. A few hours ago he made his first publication on social networks after his first fight lost in several years.

“It’s not the path I thought I’d be taking but the journey don’t stop. The whole team is still smiling as we know the final destination, we know we will get there in the near future.
Thank you to every person who has sent positive messages, having supporters like you; true supporters, makes it that much easier to get up after falling, I appreciate you all”

“The grind don’t stop, the entertainment don’t stop and the winning won’t stop! #MVPTV”

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